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Probability I will someday take a normal picture: approximately zero.

Here are some random, inconsequential facts about me. I think inconsequential facts tell a lot about a person. Take from this what you want. I apologize in advance for my seemingly random linking. Some things just need further explanation.

- I was born in Ohio, and was raised and still live in West Virginia.
- …but I prefer to spend my time in Ohio. Because, come on. West Virginia?
- In the mid-90s, when I was too young to have even seen it, I decided that Dazed and Confused was my favorite movie. I don’t remember ever liking any other movie until several years later.

- During elementary and a good majority of middle school, my personality was shaped by the fact that I wanted to do nothing more than play soccer or ride my bicycle. Then I discovered music.
- My first favorite band was Hanson.
- … and then I underwent a personality transplant (or did I? See item three) and dove headfirst into a 311 addiction that resulted in a few elbows to the face at a few different live concerts. Ah, memories.

- I did not graduate from public high school, or any brick-and-mortar high school. I am the proud owner of a mail-order diploma.
- My spotty high school attendance record probably played a rather large part in laying the foundation for my career as a chronically floating college student; I am currently on my fifth or sixth major (sometimes I lose count) at my fourth college.
- I read a lot of Kerouac, but think Neal Cassady was much, much more interesting.

- I watch a lot of television. Shows that were good and got cancelled way too soon, and some not very good television that has been on for way too long. You know, like Law & Order. This makes me smile because it is based in truth.
- I like musicals. I like movies based on musicals. I like movies with singing that aren’t based on musicals. I am a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but I am more likely to be found listening to the soundtracks from Hair or Jesus Christ Superstar.
- Somewhere along the winding backroad of my life, I developed a serious Jackson Browne problem. If you are ever unfortunate enough to be in my car for any extended period of time and allow me control of the music, well. I’m sorry.

- A long time ago, I decided that the one thing that consistently makes me happy is the written word. I will cling to that until the day I die. This blog is only one of many ways I have chosen to subject others to my abuse of commas and proper sentence structure.

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