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December 28, 2008 at 3:13 am in Memes, Music | Permalink |

I started a post on Christmas Eve - a kind of year end, “I liked these things this year” kind of list, but I forgot to post it. And then I went back and read it and decided I didn’t like it, so I trashed it.

Suffice it to say I liked some things this year.

I’ve kind of been a little off the tracks lately in terms of … um, everything.

In an effort to not accidentally go any deeper into that topic, I will now play along with a meme-y thing that the wonderful Allyson tagged me for!

….because I am totally in the mood to embarrass myself by admitting to my taste in music.

1) List five of your favorite bands/artists.
2) Choose three songs from each band/artist.
3) If you can find a link to listen to the song at or YouTube, post it!
4) Tag five people.

- “Plain
- “Don’t Stay Home
- “Life’s Not a Race

Jackson Browne
- “Looking East
- “The Night Inside Me
- “For a Dancer

Simon and Garfunkel
- “The 59th Street Bridge Song
- “The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
- “Leaves That Are Green

Joseph Arthur*
- “Enough to Get Away”
- “In the Night”
- “Dear Lord”

Jason Mraz
- “Please Don’t Tell Her
- “On Love, In Sadness
- “Who Needs Shelter

* It makes me kind of sad that I can’t find any links to allow you to hear these three songs. “Dear Lord” and “Enough to Get Away” are oft-repeated in my car, and are probably two of my most favorite songs ever.

I tag anyone who’s reading this - I’m really no good at tagging people for anything, ever. Just ask my livejournal friends.

2 Responses

  1. Ally

    I used to have such a thing for 311’s drummer. “Don’t Stay Home” is definitely one of my favorite 311 tracks… “Champagne” is probably ‘the’ favorite.

  2. Leslie

    Hahaha…311 was my first fav band ever..I started liking them around 7 years of age and I just…grew up with 311..they helped me through a lot of tough stuff back then. Love em.

    Is that a Boston Terrier I see you with? <33333

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